Beating the Winter Blues

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Even though February is the shortest month of the year, for us Wisconsinites the month seems to drag because  we are so ready for Spring. Here are our suggestions for beating the winter blues.

  1. Keep Active- Research has shown that being active for just 30 minutes a day can bring about health benefits, as well as, mental/emotional benefits. Try a group fitness class, being a part of the group may help with extra motivation and feeling like part of the pack. Sign up for something you haven’t tried before; maybe you have always wanted to try cycling, yoga, or a boot camp class. Lastly, ask a friend to go with you, making activity social not only keeps you accountable, but it also, makes it more fun!
  2. Eat healthily- It is easy to gain weight over the winter months due to the holidays, the cold weather, and intense cravings for comfort foods. Fight cravings for carbohydrates by adding in more fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of water. Variation in the foods you eat is key to adding different vitamins and minerals.
  3. Get Outside- As much as you don’t want to go out into the cold, soaking up the little bit of sunshine you can helps boost your mood. A little fresh air never hurt anybody!
  4. Try a New Hobby- Keeping your mind active with a new interest seems to help beat the winter blues. It could be anything from learning to knit, writing in a journal, taking a cooking class, etc.

Taking a few simple steps towards taking care of yourself will help you make it through the last part of winter. Next stop… Spring!

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