Meditation Can Change Your Life

Meditation Can Change Your Life


Everyone thinks yoga is all about the poses. In the US, many words that come to mind when we think of yoga are “flexibility”, “strength”, “fit”, “women”, “pictures”… and more. Most people miss the whole point of what yoga really is.


Yoga is all about slowing down and getting your mind to stop moving a million miles an hour. This practice of “not doing” is known as meditation. Which is super misunderstood by most people too. You don’t have to be a Buddhist guru to be able to meditate. Anyone can do it with a little bit of practice!


I’m going to provide you with three fool-proof methods to stop thinking. During your day, during your practice, or whenever you’re feeling a little bit of stress over-coming you.


Number 1:

Sit down in a comfortable position whether this is cross legged on the floor, in a comfy chair, laying on your couch, or maybe sprawled out in your bed. Just get plain out comfy and try not to fall asleep. First, close your eyes. Then, focus on your breathing. As you inhale, think about relaxing your face, then your shoulders, arms, heartbeat, abdomen, all the way down to your toes. As you exhale, you feel the relaxation overtaking your body. Soon, you will be just breathing and completely at ease and relaxed. It’s that easy!


Number 2:

Again, sit down or lay down somewhere quiet without distractions. Then, close your eyes and come to notice your breath. Come to notice how your inhale cleanses your body and when you exhale your become a little more relaxed. Ask yourself the question “What do I need?” Maybe the answer is love, courage, happiness, or relaxation. Then ask yourself, “What can I get rid of?” Maybe it is anger, fear, sadness, or stress. With each inhale, drawn in the power of your intention. Love. Courage. Happiness. Then, exhale the emotion that is no longer serving you. Fear. Anger. Stress.


Number 3:

By now, you understand to get very comfortable. Be in a place where no one can distract you. Close your eyes and again come to your breath. This time imagine the roots of a tree rooting you down through your hips. Imagine the feeling of how at ease a tree may feel. Feel your hands root into your knees. Palms are down. Your back lengthens like the branches of a tree. Focus on the space between your eyes. Feel intuitive. And calm. Come back to the breath and focus on what it would feel like to be “rooted”.


When you begin meditating, start out with maybe only 5 or 10 minutes in the morning before you get out of bed. Meditation will set your day up to be mindful, strong, and in tune with yourself. If you meditate every day, you will see results in your mental and physical health. From your job, to your relationships, and in your skills.

In your practice, think of an intention on your way to class. Ask yourself the simple question, “What do I need?”. Focus on that today.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at home or work, slow down and find a quiet space. Even if that is locking yourself in the bathroom! Just breathe and focus on relaxing your body and mind. It’s up to you to make this change and take charge of your emotions!

Anyone can meditate if you just CHOOSE to make the time for it. It’s all on you to slow down and find your true!


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