Are You Scared of Yoga?

Vinyasa Yoga has rapidly became trendier and trendier in the US in recent years. Girls are living in yoga pants, veganism and vegetarianism is huge, people are “juice cleansing”, hot yoga is huge. Everywhere you look you seem to see yoga culture.


This is exciting for many yogi’s, but the popularity of vinyasa can be intimidating when you are a beginner. You may be interested in trying, but think “I’m not in shape yet, I’ll try it when I lose a few”, “I don’t have time for it right now”, “I’m not flexible enough for that”, or “I’m gonna look ridiculous in those yoga pants”. I’m here to tell you, yoga is for every BODY. Every shape, every size, and wherever you are in life. The best time to do yoga is when you think you shouldn’t be. That is when you need it the most.


It may be scary to try yoga at first. You may feel a little ridiculous in some poses or a little out of place. Over time, the practice will grow on you. We call it yoga PRACTICE, not yoga PERFECT. You may not know, but there are more accessible modifications for Every. Single. Pose.


At TRUE Studio, we aren’t afraid to use props either! Props make it easier to open your hips, stretch your hamstrings, and make each pose more accessible for your body. B.K.S Iyengar (one of the most looked up to yogi’s in yogic culture!) introduced props to allow access to every pose for each yogi no matter their shape, size, age, whatever! Props are used to provide support. They are supportive and helpful when an expression of a pose seems a little out of each. As a beginner especially, props can aid in making yoga practice safer, successful, and more enjoyable.


No matter what you see in the media, yoga is not about the poses and how they are expressed. It’s about challenging YOURSELF. It doesn’t matter if you never have stepped on a yoga mat, this practice is for you. You have to remember, even the most respected yogi’s were once beginners, too. There is nothing to fear about yoga!


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