Get to Know the TRUE Strength Teacher Training Guides

In conversation with True Studio instructors, MacKenzie and Tara, we’ve inquired about what to expect in the upcoming True Strength barre Teacher Training and Certification, open to people interested in learning more about the True Studio approach:

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TRUE Strength instructors and Teacher-Training Guides, MacKenzie and Tara

Who is the TRUE Strength teacher training for? Is it open to different levels of experience and backgrounds?
This class is designed for anyone with a desire to dedicate more time to movement and well-being! No previous teaching or barre/strength training experience necessary—just an openness to learn and guide others towards personal strength and increased wellness within the community.

What’s unique about the True Strength approach?
True Strength is a barre and yoga method for the mind, body, and soul. Choreography includes the strength-building and cardio of a barre (ballet fusion) class, along with the holistic values and breath work of yoga. It’s accessible to all body types and walks of life.

What types of activities can students look forward to?
We’ve created this training with the intent to cover a lot of ground between October 9-19 (Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 5:30-9pm).

We will discuss class sequencing, as well as music strategies and playlist-making resources. We’ll also go over anatomy and techniques for instructing groups and individual alignment, plus some history/philosophy behind different approaches and how this fits with our own objectives.
Our goal is that we will all feel prepared to teach True Strength by the end of the training.

Why should someone who has never taught or taken this type of class consider joining the True “tribe” through teacher training?
We feel strongly that True Studio should offer everyone in the community the chance to feel welcome to learn and try new things, to feel supported by the people around them, and to see all that we can accomplish by working and learning together.

In this teacher training, we will all start from a level playing field and practice our instructing techniques in a challenging yet safe and supportive environment. The training is intensive and will encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone; we hope that, in joining us, trainees will accomplish something new that has truly been within you all along!

We look forward to seeing you at True Studio.


MacKenzie and Tara

Registration for Oct. 9-19: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 5:30-9pm

MacKenzie Abernethy is a dedicated yogi of over a decade. She doesn’t know where she’d be without her mid-body-soul connection, but she’s traveled the world with it. She’s lived in Oregon, Washington, Arizona, California, Rhode Island, and four different cities in France—phew! She’s passionate about creating community ties that guide individuals towards peaceful inner-knowing and empowerment.
Before finding yoga, MacKenzie competed with Dance Motion performing company. She’s also a writer and a teacher, with a track record that includes writing Social Studies textbooks with the Choices Program at Brown University and teaching internationally to students across ages 6-60. Her favorite “asana” is a tie between tree pose and dancer!

Tara Tilley found yoga in college as a complement to her Theatre Arts and Dance training. Later, as both an administrative employee and dance teacher, Tara reconnected with yoga as a way of moving meditation for her own well-being. As a dancer, she loves Vinyasa and connecting movement to breath. When she’s not on her mat, you can probably catch her hanging with her husband of nine years and their two kitties, watching movies, and knitting (especially socks!) Tara hopes her students leave her classes with a sense of peace and love to share in their lives. She wants to share the physical and emotional benefits of a great practice, especially in this overstimulated society. She wishes for her students to feel better, stronger, and more capable leaving class then they did before. Tara’s yoga teaching philosophy: Anyone and everyone is welcome to yoga. 


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