Wow: The Power of Your Warrior Pose

Leading up to the Warrior Series Workshop on 11/11, we want to share some of the hidden power that is available to anyone through practicing the Warrior poses!

The purpose of Warrior series, or in Sanskrit “favorable hero” pronounced, “Virabhadrasana,” वीरभद्रासन is to create expansive strength and stabilize your root chakra, which leads to increased courage and empowerment to make your life’s desires a reality.

Create Strength in the Warrior Series:

  1. Stand tall

    As you carry your yoga practice with you, off the mat and into your daily routines, your posture and peaceful state of mind will be evident to others. This confidence communicates that you are prepared and plan to get what you want: at work, in relationships, and in your personal day-to-day.

  2. Ground to Grow

    Continually practicing a return to the present moment, you will begin to notice the Earth’s constant, reliable support underneath you. When you realize that you are always being lifted up and truly matter, this gives you the energy to expand and become your best, TRUE self.

  3. Open Your Heart

    The word Courage comes from the French word coeur, meaning heart.  Imagine a warrior taking off their armor to say, “This is me. This is who I am.”  In yoga, each of our Warrior poses throughout the series are uniquely our own. In coming together, we build a community of people who believe in dedicating the time to increase compassion in our communities, bodies, and being.


We hope you’ll join us for the Break it Down (11/11) & Spread Your Wings (11/12) workshops this weekend!


When: Saturday, November 11, 2017, 1:00pm-3:00pm

In this workshop, we will dive deep into the legend and practice of the Warrior poses that are so commonly used in a Vinyasa Yoga class.

We will explore:

  • The energetic and emotional benefits for you
  • History, legends, and origin of the warrior poses
  • Alignment, anatomy, and empowerment

Register online, or through the True Studio app.

Cost: $30 per person, or $20 if registered by 11/9.


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