Grip Socks are the New Barefeet


If you have always preferred to feel the ground underneath your feet during a yoga or barre session, then the idea of wearing any kind of socks may seem incredibly foreign and uncomfortable. Yet, many yogis may not know the benefits of incorporating grip socks into their practice.

If you’ve ever tried holding a tree pose, a three-legged downward facing dog, or have been going through several rounds of your Vinyasa flow at True Studio, then you have probably experienced some slipping around on your mat. Grip socks will help you hold the toughest of poses, no matter how much you sweat. In fact, grip socks will absorb sweat.  The right pair will be lightweight, flexible, and feel like a gentle, barefoot hug on your feet. The right pair will also make you feel every bit as connected and grounded into the earth as you do when your feet are completely naked…and perhaps even more so!

Here are some other awesome benefits to grip socks:

  1. Grip socks are perfect during any time of year. They are light enough to not create any heat while you are practicing, and they are comfortable enough to keep your feet from getting cold in a well air-conditioned studio during Savasana.
  2. No matter how clean a yoga studio might be, no place is completely exempt of germs that might reside on floors where multiple people practice and sweat. Grip socks provide protection not only to yourself, but to anyone else in the studio.
  3. Grip socks provide a bit of relief for yogis who may not feel comfortable baring their feet in very public places. The good news is that grip socks come in a variety of options; from completely toeless to covered toes, there is a style and shape that suits everyone.
  4. Grip socks are extremely versatile. They can be used during any physical activities that do not require shoes. Grip socks come in handy outside of the studio and when practicing on carpets. They also work well as slippers around the house, or when shoes are required to be taken off during any spiritual meditations that you may participate in.
  5. Grip socks are very affordable!
  6. Grip socks are extremely fashionable. They come in just about every color you can think of and they have the ability to enhance your workout gear.

With all of these amazing benefits, what are you waiting for? Try some grip socks today and find out just how much you have been missing them!


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